vivo v15 pro – A Great Way To Spice Up Your Mobile Phone

The new generation smartphone from Nokia is the Vivo V15 Pro and it packs quite a punch. If you’re used to carrying other smartphones such as the HTC Adreno and LG Optimus, you’ll probably be shocked at how much this phone can actually do for you. The real star of this phone though is the physical keyboard, which is a welcome return after the somewhat dreadful touch screen experience of the predecessors. On the Vivo V15 Pro you get a 2.5-inch Super AMOLED capacitive full QWERTY keyboard with a smooth back-light and no bezel. This keyboard also acts as a stylus, so it’s really perfect for those moments when you need to whip out your phone and do something on it.

The beauty of the Vivo V15 Pro comes packaged in two different colours with one of them being black. The fingerprint scanner is located on the rear-side of the phone and it looks just like the ones on the iPhone and Android phones. You can unlock your smartphone completely using biometrics and this is a big plus point when considering what this smartphone has to offer. The large 4.2″ HD Super AMOLED capacitive display offers bright pictures and bright outdoor scenes too, which gives it a class above the other smartphones on the market.

The powerful chipset inside the Nokia vivo V15 Pro ensures that it offers you a smooth browsing experience. The beefy chipset is packed with power that allows you to browse the web with ease and ensure that you get constant performance from your smartphone. It runs on an efficient Windows operating system so you won’t have to worry about compatibility issues if you want to use the handset on a PC. The internal memory on this smartphone is also pretty large, which means that you don’t have to worry about running out of space when using it on a massive laptop or tablet. It has a nice feature called Turbo buffer which will slow down the loading time of most apps. If you’re looking for a large memory then you might find that the vivo v15 pro is not enough to satisfy your needs but the larger storage does come in handy in some instances.

Another feature of the Nokia vivo v15 pro features a huge 5 mega pixel camera that you can take great images with. It has a very high optical zoom so you can zoom in to vivo v15 pro your target without having to physically move the camera. You will need to purchase the drive to use this particular feature though, as there aren’t any sim card slots. The downside to the camera is that it’s only available on some models. The front camera is also quite impressive. The sensor is capable of detecting even the littlest of movements so you don’t have to worry about accidentally taking a shot.

When it comes to storage, the Nokia vivo v15 pro offers you almost 500mb of memory. This gives you plenty of room to upload videos and photos. It comes fitted with a lithium ion battery that offers you high performance and a long lasting charge. The battery does charge fully in just a few hours so you won’t have to worry about the phone dying out on you while you’re away from your home. There is a boot menu which lets you perform basic functions such as changing the screen mode but you can easily get to advanced options if you want.

In terms of functionality, the Nokia vivo v15 pro really excels. The design is really neat with a smooth finish. For those who are used to owning an android device, the build quality is really good. The battery is well made and it gives you lots of extra features such as vibration feedback, anti shake control and so much more that make it a fun touch screen mobile phone.

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