Landscape Photography — Begin Great Landscape Pictures in 10 Min’s Or Less

Landscape photography is one of the most enjoyable forms of photography both in the satisfaction you receive when you nail the perfect photo and from being outdoors in locations others often dream about. It’s also almost an exhilarating sport, when others are in bed landscape professional photographers are up and about running over the location they have selected after weeks of careful research. The first thing they do is get up to check out confuses and in which direction they are, chances are they head off to the elusive perfect location.

So how can you take a great landscape photograph without years of experience? So many people get embroiled in aperture settings, framed photo art prints ISO settings and shutter speed settings and either can’t work them out or drive well away from them because they just don’t have the time to understand them.

Well very good news! To get halfway decent shots you simply remember a few things.


This permits either more light to onto your sensor or less light depending on your setting. The bottom the setting the more light you are letting through and the more background objects start to keep an eye out of focus. The higher the number the less light you are letting through and the more clearer your images become.

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