How to clean laminate flooring


Choosing the right flooring kitchen is usually thought of as the center of the home by many. It’s not just where you prepare meals, but also a favorite place for gathering and entertaining especially when you have a large island or an open concept.

It is crucial to select the most durable flooring that is easy to maintain and clean in this highly trafficked area.

There’s a good chance of spills on the surface so it is important to choose a waterproof alternative. It is also important to be aware of whether the surface is slippery slick when it rains, especially if you have children or are at risk of falling.

Ceramic tile, natural stone, and linoleum are great choices for kitchens.


Wood Floor Types - Which Hardwood Flooring Is Right for You?


While it’s important to consider moisture in your kitchen, in your bathroom it’s almost a given. It is important to choose an item that can stand up to everyday contact with water.

This space is a popular option for marble flooring, ceramic tile, natural stone tiles made from limestone, or other flooring options like granite. The Kardashian sisters, Chloe and Courtney, have completed several notable home renovations which included stunning bathroom stonework in 2016.

For a less expensive option, Vinyl tiles are suitable, but they’re not as durable as tiles or stone. Vinyl tiles can appear cheap at times but high-end vinyl tiles can give your space a more premium appearance. You could also choose concrete flooring that has a contemporary look!

Living Areas

In the living areas of your home, like the family room, bedrooms, and dining area there is a myriad of options. Personal preferences determine the best selection.

Some prefer the warmth and durability of hardwood or stone tile and will place area rugs on top to create a sense of separation and create a cozy floor for their feet. Carpet flooring is a traditional look.

To narrow down your choices to narrow your choices, it’s recommended to determine your budget and then go for samples online to discover the styles, colors, and materials that you like.


There are dozens of kinds to choose from, but in modern homes, you see some more often than other types.

In all of these categories, you might require additional design choices. You may still need to make choices, for example, choosing a certain material for stone or wood flooring, shades, finishes, or colors.

Let’s examine the most popular options and the advantages and disadvantages of each.



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