Get rewards when you play Dracula on Blood Suckers

It’s middle of the night and everyone is sleeping in their comfortable home. The moon is bright and full. Street lights guide you to the dry and dark street. Be prepared for the wrath waiting for you , because these vampires are planning to take out the vampire slayer for their entire existence as undead. Don’t worry, because you’ve got the strength and the luck to stop them from their blood-thirsty ways.

Get your stake made of wood and embark on the most exciting journey through dark alleys where the creatures of cold blood hide. Sharp fangs, bloodshot red eyes and a jackpot of 7,500 coins are on the line in the pulsing reels of the Blood Suckers slot88.

Get your eyes sharp, and then drive the stake through the hearts of vampires to win splattering prizes on Blood Suckers. Blood Suckers game. Play the five reels, and the 25 lines to make winning combinations and take home vampires that bleed blood.

Enhance your chances of defeating the undead by using features like free Spins as well as Bonus Games that will lead you to success. When you kill those cold vampires, you may be the most powerful, in addition, the richest vampire killer in town!

How can you tell if there is the presence of a vampire?

The only way to know if someone is a vampire is to land three matching symbols. There are various types of vampires certain to pop up as playing the slot. Don’t be afraid of them as Blood Suckers slot game offers features that will make you slay your way to winning.

Find these valuable symbolisms on reels. They are high-paying symbols. The symbols in these reels are blood sucking creatures themselves. Each is unique in its appearance, abilities and rewards:

  • The vampire sporting the cape in red is the most popular symbol. When you get three to five of these symbols across the spins players can be awarded up or 500 coin.
  • The vampire wearing the purple cloak ranks 2nd in the list of top pay-off symbols. If you get three to five of the symbol, you’ll have the opportunity to earn up to 250 coins.
  • The vampire wearing an black cloak is part of the highest-paying symbols. Find 3 to 5 of this symbol which means you’ll be awarded up as 250 dollars.
  • A female vampire sporting wings that are blacker than the pale unassailable physique is the most lucrative symbol. Take this symbol from 3 to five time on the reels to you will be rewarded with a massive payout of up to 135 coins.
  • There are also vampire-slaying weapons to aid you in eliminating blood-sucking creatures. They are as low paying symbols , and they will reward you with huge payouts when you see them on the reels
  • The blue bottle of potion is the most valuable of low-paying symbols on reels. This potent drink can destroy even the most formidable vampires in the city. When you land 3 or five of this symbol you could be rewarded with a payback from 5 the 100-coin limit.
  • A bible that has an engraved cross on its inky surface is part of the low-cost symbols. This weapon from the past has always been the most important weapon in the fight against vampires. When you get 3 or 5 of this symbol will be rewarded with up 100 coins.
  • Another low-cost symbol is the bow and bloody archer. Lightweight and swift, this weapon is the easiest tools to take on any beast. You can strike the vampires straight through their hearts that are dying and you can land anywhere from three to five of this symbol for 2 of 75 cents.
  • Garlic is an additional symbol for the low-paying ones. It is a well-known and most effective weapon for eradicating vampires. If you can land three to five of these symbols in the spinner, you will be awarded up or 75 cents.
  • A vampire who is near to killing a woman acts as the Wild symbol. It replaces any symbol, excluding Scatter as well as Bonus symbol. The chance to land 2-5 symbols that are Wild on the reels reward you with up 7500 dollars.

Free Spins Feature

The vampire bride is the Scatter symbol. It activates your Free Spins feature. Your winnings will be tripled during this bonus feature. When you get 2 to 5 of this symbol will earn you with the following cash payouts:

  • 100 coins plus 10 Free Spins
  • 25 coins plus 10 Free Spins
  • 4 coins plus 10 Free Spins
  • 2 coins

Bonus Feature

A bloody hammer and stake function as the Bonus symbol. It can be used to trigger The Bonus Game when you land three reels. One bonus game can be awarded per spin.

NetEnt’s development of this iconic concept, coupled with their amazing graphics and sharp animation, gives anyone the thrilling experience of being a vampire hunter. With a dark color palette that is fitting for the dark and sombre theme, you’ll be able to totally immerse yourself in this tense city full of blood-thirsty creatures.

Make yourself a tempting lure so vampires are enticed to be enticed to leave their location.

Make sure you’ve got your weaponry with you in order to win the jackpot prize of 7,500 coins. Make yourself the most sought-after vampire killer by putting your stamp on creatures of cold blood in Blood Suckers slot. Explore more games that you’ll love on Slots!

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