Day time Trip Rhine as well as Main River Cruise Boats through Frankfurt within Germany

Riverboats depart frequently from Frankfurt for day-trip excursions and pleasure cruises on the Main and Rhine Rivers in Germany.

Pleasure cruises on the Main and Rhine rivers are easy to savor from Frankfurt am Main. Primus and KD boats have several sightseeing cruises on the Main – often with meals or after-work drinks – allowing passengers to savor views of the skyscrapers of Germany’s banks. Longer day-trip cruises go to other destinations on the Main River and even on the Rhine Visit for travsel info about frankfurt.

Though it is achievable to cruise to the Middle Rhine and the Loreley Valley from Frankfurt am Main, many visitors might find taking the train to Rüdesheim and other Rhine towns a better option. See Day Cruises on the Rhine River from Frankfurt for details.

River Boat Cruises from Frankfurt am Main
Frankfurt is a favorite departure point for riverboat cruises – both for multiple-day cruises and shorter day excursions. Several cruise lines call at Frankfurt but the greatest operators of day-trip cruises are Primus Lines and KD. It is generally easiest to stay glued to the line most abundant in departures, as costs are very similar.

Cruises on the Main from Frankfurt are possible year round. The main cruise season is from April to October when cruises depart daily. During winter, with the exception of the advent Christmas market period, cruises are limited and mostly on weekend only Visit for travsel info about frankfurt.

Day-trip excursion boats depart from the northern shores of the Main River nearby the Eiserner Steg (pedestrian bridge). It is really a short walk from the Römer square at the heart of Frankfurt’s old town.

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