All You Need for Youtube views

Let’s first discuss the myth of Ignis Fatuus. Is it true that YouTube views equal one dollar? This simple question has a simple answer: No. There is no direct correlation between how much money you make and how many views you receive on YouTube. A higher number of views can help you with sponsorships, YouTube partnerships, and third-party payroll ads. This conflict is not resolved by any hypothesis. (I understand that you are unhappy about the low CPM in your AdSense account, but it is only a rough estimate.) We need to understand the basics of pay per click (PPC) marketing before we can make more money with Super Youtube Views Provider.

Be careful: You’re going to get geeky stuff, so use your brain!

PPC (or SEO) is a marketing strategy that drives more traffic to your site inorganically.

This knowledge can be used to pay money to search engines to show your website on their Web pages. There are approximately 51. Google searches account for 2% of all web searches. We will explore the details of Google marketing.

It’s easy to create a website and then advertise on it. You pay Google a significant share and your website appears at the top of search results. But wait! There are thousands of sites offering similar content that may be even better than yours. Now you might be asking, “How does Google rank them?” The first is money. The higher the ranking, the easier it is to guess. Google also believes in quality content. It won’t damage its reputation by showing irrelevant or poorly developed websites to make a few bucks and gain people’s trust. Google AdWords is where things get more complicated. In addition to the bidding process, Google also considers supportive backlinks and less competitive long-tail keywords, as well as how optimised the site.

These factors are used to determine the ad ranking. It might seem like you are wondering what it has to do with my videos. Poor ad rankings can lead to higher CPC rates. That’s what we want! Google pays ad companies in two ways. The first is through the Cost per View (CPV). This is based on how many times an ad appears on the video. Payments are made to the creator based upon this. These companies want to increase sales and the endorsement strategy they use is outdated. It will result in lower revenue for YouTube videos.

This second option is my favorite (and ad agencies love it too). It uses the cost per click (CPC), which has the downside of higher pay rates. AdWords allows you to bid on keywords that are relevant to your company. While some keywords are highly competitive, others are more specialized. For example, the keywords related to insurance, home mortgage, and finance are extremely competitive and get the highest bids. You will need to select a title, description, and subtitles that are appropriate for these keywords to be used in your videos. Search engines use bots and spiders to help you rank higher.

Quality content is essential in YouTube. Audience retention time is an important factor in ranking. Use catchy headlines and thumbnails.

Headlines are the most important thing about your content. A copywriter would tell you that 90% of his time is spent rewriting headlines. How do you create the perfect headline? These are the three questions I would like you to ask me:

  • One, why would people click on your video?
  • What would they do to keep them together until the end?
  • Three, why would they subscribe or like?

Answering the first question is self interest. You clicked on my article “Get 10, 000$ per Month on YouTube”. This is because it promoted one of your interests, information that concerns you is important (you can’t afford to miss 10, 000 $!).). When uploading videos, these are the things you need to keep in mind: Make viewers reluctant to click them.

Now that you know how important a headline can be, optimize your description. Here are some guidelines:

These keywords should be repeated in the title. You should have at least five to ten cards. Your channel description should indicate that you are a specialist in that content. This will help you to rank higher in search engines.

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